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The Error 404 page

This 404 page is an error page that is shown to your website's visitors when they try to access a page on your website that does not exist.

A 404 error is a standard error message code for websites, meaning the page you were trying to reach couldn't be found on the server. It's a client-side error, meaning either the webpage was removed or moved, and the URL wasn't updated, or the person mistyped the URL.

Whatever the reason, your Error 404 page is a way of handling this error gracefully and allowing the visitor to continue their journey on your website.

Within your My Easy Eatery control panel, within 'pages' section you can edit your Error 404 page:

On this page you can edit three fields:

The 404 message:

This text editor field allows you add in the main text content of your error 404 page. It's best to simply inform the user that they tried to visit a page that doesn't exist.

The homepage button text:

Your 404 page includes a link back to the homepage of your website. Whilst you cannot change where this link sends the user, you can customise the text for this link.

The 404 page image:

This is an image that accompany's the text content on the 404 page. It's exact size and usage will vary depending on the active theme on your website.

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