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Deleting images

Removing images from your media library is a two-step process. Before an image can be deleted, it must be sent to the trash.

Sending an image to the trash moves it into a special 'trash' directory, which contains all other trashed images and prevents it from being displayed on your website.

This action, however, does not remove the image from your media library.

To do this, you must delete the image after trashing it. Deleting an image is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

You may also restore images that are in the trash. This action returns the image to its original directory and re-enables its display on the website.

How to remove an image from your media library:

Find the image you wish to delete.

The first step is to locate the image you wish to delete. Open up the media manager and browse or search until you find the image you want to delete.

Once you find the image, click on it to open the 'image details' view pictured above.

Send the image to the trash.

Then, click the red 'trash' icon highlighted by the orange arrow above. Doing so will move the image to the trash.

There's no confirmation required to send an image to the trash, but this process can be easily reversed if made in error.

Go to the trash directory.

When you have images in the trash, the trash directory appears in the sidebar at the bottom of the library directory structure, as indicated by the orange arrow below:

Delete the image

Once you're in the trash directory, click the image you wish to completely remove from your media library and click the same red trash icon again.

This time, you'll be shown a prompt asking you to confirm the deletion of the image:

If you click 'confirm', the image will be completely removed from your media library and will no longer be visible on your website, wherever it was previously used.

Restoring a trashed image

Sending an image to the trash can easily be reversed. Click on any image within the trash directory and you'll see the usual 'image details' popup.

Within the popup for trashed images, next to the delete button is the 'restore' button, indicated by the orange arrow below:

Clicking this button will immediately restore the image to your media library and make the image visible on your website once more, wherever it has been used.

Bulk trashing or restoring images

It's possible to bulk-trash and bulk-restore images within the standalone media manager.

When you hover over an image within the media manager, you might notice the checkbox at the image's top-left corner.

If you click this checkbox, you enter 'multi-select' mode. Selected images have a dark grey overlay, whilst unselected images are faded out.

You can select as many images as you wish within the same folder and then choose to either 'clear your selection' or 'send the images to the trash' using the buttons at the top-right corner of the media library.

If you enter multi-select mode within the trash folder, you can instead choose bulk-restore images.

It's not currently possible to bulk-delete images

Given the impact that removing an image on your website has, it's not currently possible to bulk-delete images. We want to ensure that it's not easy to make a potentially time-consuming mistake, so whilst you can bulk-trash images, deleting them must be done on an image-by-image basis.

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