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Media Manager | Editing image details

Editing image details

Each image you upload to your media library has several fields you can edit.

These fields are all optional but can be used by your website to help improve your website's performance in organic search results and make your website more accessible.

You can access and edit these fields by opening the 'image details' popup. To do this, visit your media manager and click on any image, and you'll be shown a popup similar to the one below:

The image details popup contains several elements. From left to right and top to bottom they are:

Element Description
The image preview

A low-quality un-cropped preview of the image you're currently viewing.

Image title

You can enter an optional title for this image. This is primarily used with the search function within the media manager.

Image caption

You can add a caption for this image. This caption may, depending on your theme, be displayed on your website if the part of the website showing the image supports a caption being displayed.

Alternative text

You can provide an SEO-friendly description of the contents of the image. This will be output as a hidden description of the image (known as alt-text), which search engines can use to determine the contents of the image and screen readers can use to inform partially-sighted individuals about the image.

The save button

This button saves any changes to the text fields above when clicked.

The image details

A bullet-point list of information about this image. Includes:

  • The source filename,
  • When the file was uploaded,
  • The detected image format,
  • The file size of the image,
  • The image's height and width in pixels.
The trash/delete button

Click this button to either send the image to the trash. On already trashed images this button will delete the image, but only after you confirm you wish to permanently delete the image.

The restore button (not shown above)

If your image is trashed, you can restore the image to the media library by clicking this button. If clicked, the image will be restored and it will return to it's original directory.

The 'copy tag' button

This button when clicked will copy a template tag for this image to your clipboard. For example, {#image 9}.

This tag can then be pasted into a HTML file within your website's theme. When pasted into a theme file, the tag gets replaced with a HTML <img> element which contains the image related to the tag.

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