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Uploading images

Uploading images to your media library takes place within the 'image upload UI':

This has three main components:

Component Description
The upload box

The upload box is where you select images to upload. Either click the orange 'Select images...' button and choose the pictures you want to upload, or drag and drop images from a folder on your computer into the upload box.

The directory selector

This field sets which folder your images will be uploaded into. By default, this is set to the directory you're currently viewing, but you can change this by clicking the select field and choosing another directory.

The upload queue

This upload queue shows the current list of images waiting to be uploaded to your media library. Each image will be uploaded in order. The icon to the right of the image's name indicates it's status:

  • spinner shows that the image is pending,
  • green tick shows that the upload was a success,
  • red cross shows that an error was encountered.
Image size limits

Please note that the following rules and limits apply when uploading images to the media manager:

  1. Uploaded images must either be in a JPG/JPEG or PNG format.
  2. Image file sizes must be less than or equal to 4 Megabytes in size

Images that are too large or an invalid format will not be uploaded to your media library.

Any image that is over 5000 pixels wide or tall will be reduced in size by half automatically.

How to upload images:

There are two ways to start the process of uploading images:

  1. You can click the orange 'Upload images' button at the top of the sidebar.
  2. You can click the 'Upload new images' tile within the current directory view.

When you click either of these buttons, you'll be shown the image upload UI:

You then begin the upload process by selecting the images you wish to upload. There are two ways to select images:

  1. By clicking the orange 'Select images...' button and choosing the pictures you want to upload
  2. Or by dragging and dropping photos from your computer into the 'Drag and drop files' box.

If you choose to drag and drop files, the drag-and-drop box will turn green when the files have been detected. You can then release your mouse button to drop the files, and the images will be added to the upload queue.

The upload queue will then begin to process your uploads until all images have been processed — any errors encountered will be shown within the queue.

When you're finished uploading images, you can click either the teal 'Done' button or the close button at the top of the upload UI to return to the media library.

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