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The media manager

The media manager provides a central place to upload images and photography from your computer to your Easy Eatery website. Photos uploaded to your media manager can be used multiple times in your pages, blog posts, menu items and more.

There are two versions of the media manager.

Firstyl, there's the popup media manager — illustrated above. This version is used when selecting images for use within content on your website, such as within pages or blog posts.

You can also find the standalone media manager — illustrated further down this article — which can be found via the main sidebar menu of Easy Eatery's control panel.

In both versions the layout is essentially the same:

The sidebar

The media manager's sidebar is comprised of three elements:

The upload button

You can click this button to show the image upload interface. This lets you upload new images to your media library from your computer or your phone.

The directory structure:

The next element within the sidebar is the directory structure for your media library.

Images uploaded to your media library are organised into directories, or folders to make it easier to manage large number of images.

You can enter any directory by clicking on the name of the directory you want to enter.

If a particular directory has sub-directories, you can click on the folder icon left of the directory name to toggle the visibility of these subdirectories.

The storage quota:

Below the directory structure is your storage quota. This shows how much of the media storage allowance you've used to date.

At the time of writing, this your media quota is currently five gigabytes, or enough for around 1250 images, if each image is four megabytes in size (the current file size limit for Easy Eatery).

You may upload as many images as you wish to your media library, provided their combined size is within your quota.

As Easy Eatery moves through early access both the quota amount and file size limits may increase.

Your quota refers only to master copies of images

Your storage quota is only used by the original versions of images uploaded to your media library. In order to ensure fast load times, Easy Eatery generates additional sizes of your images based on how you use them on your website.

These additional images do not count towards your media quota — only the originals do.

The library

The media library consists of two elements:

Search & filters

At the top of the media library, you can find the search bar and date filters. The search form allows you to search within the names of images. The date filter allows you to view images uploaded on a certain month/year.

Currently these search controls only search within the currently viewed folder. In a future updated, we'll be changing these to search within your entire media library instead.

The current directory

The current directory is the main component within your media library. It shows all of the images uploadd to the directory you're currently viewing, along with several additional buttons:

The 'Go up' button:

When you click a button like this, you'll be taken to the directory above the one you're currently viewing in the media library's directory structure. Besides the top or root directory, every directory will have this button.

The 'Upload new images' button:

This button will open up the image upload UI to allow you to upload images to the media library.

The 'Directory' button:

If a directory has subdirectories, you'll be able to access them via the media library using buttons like this. Clicking a directory button will change your view and show you all images within the clicked directory.

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