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Easy Eatery's most unusual standard block is the bookmark block.

This is because nothing will appear on your website when you add a bookmark block to a page.

But this is intentional...

Bookmark blocks serve a different purpose than all other blocks in our page builder.

Bookmark blocks are Easy Eatery's way of marking the place of important content on a page.

Why is this important? When you add a bookmark block to a page, you can link to that bookmark within any link field or text editor.

Click this link to be taken back to the top of this page. This is what a bookmark does.

Whenever a link to a bookmark link is clicked, your visitor's web browser will be scrolled up or down the page to show the location of the bookmark on the screen.

This is valuable as it allows you to scroll up or down the page to highlight content, such as critical calls to action.

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