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The gallery field

The gallery field, when used within content blocks, allows you to add multiple images to a page on your website. This field is available on a few standard blocks by default and may also be added to any custom blocks you create.

In some cases images could be output in a slideshow, in others, a list of images may be shown — the exact output of a gallery field depends entirely on your theme.

Here's an example of a gallery field, added within the 'Image gallery' block:

The other fields in the image above have been faded out as they are not related to the gallery field.

Gallery fields are made up of the following elements:

Element Description
The image list

This shows the current list of images selected within this field. Each image selected within the image list has three options when you hover over them:

  1. Magnify, which opens the image in a popup
  2. Crop, which opens up the image cropping tool for that image
  3. Delete, which removes the selected image from the gallery field.

You may re-order images by clicking and then dragging any image within the gallery field. A placeholder will appear as you move your mouse around which shows where the image would move to if dropped.

The 'Add more images' button

This button opens the popup media manager, which allows you to select, or upload the images you want to appear within the gallery field.

This disappears when you reach the image limit for a particular gallery field.

The image counter

At the very top-right of the gallery field is the image counter. This shows how many images you currently have selected within the field and also how many you can select in total. In the example above, this is 7/32 images.

This turns red when you reach the image limit for a particular gallery field.

A note about image sizes

The size of images within a gallery field is dicated by the content block that the field is associated with.

If the gallery field is added to the page within a standard block, the output image size can be updated within either the theme customiser or the theme editor.

If the block is a custom block, then the image size can be changed within the block builder.

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