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Cache manager

What is the site cache?

Easy Eatery's site cache is one of the many tools that Easy Eatery uses to ensure that our websites load as quickly as possible.

Rather than do all the work required to render a page every time a visitor requests it, Easy Eatery stores 'pre-rendered' copies of pages and posts on your website in a site cache to minimise the time required to load a page.

Cached websites typically load more than twice as fast as those that are not. A website that is fast to load is proven to provide a better customer experience and also tends to perform better in organic search results.

How long are pages and posts cached?

Easy Eatery purges its site cache periodically to ensure that your visitors always see the most up-to-date version of your website.

Pages and posts on an Easy Eatery website are cached until any one of four events occurs:

  1. Any time changes to a page or post are made in the My Easy Eatery control panel.
  2. If more than twelve hours have passed since the page or post was last cached.
  3. If there are any changes made to the currently active theme.
  4. Or the cache is manually purged in the cache manager.

When any of the above four conditions are met, the cache for the affected page or post is then purged and the next time someone visits the page or post the content is re-cached.

What is the cache manager?

Easy Eatery's cache manager is a tool that lets you see when each page and post on your website was last cached and provides the means to purge the cache manually, in part or in full.

How to purge the cache

You can purge the cache on a page-by-page basis by clicking the dark grey 'purge' button on a each row within the table, or you can purge the cache for the entire website using the red 'Purge all cache' button near the top of the page.

Manually purging the cache on your website is not something you'd typically need to do, but the cache manager is here if you ever need it.

Purging the cache for your website presents no risk whatsoever to your website's content.

Purging the cache does not impact visibility in search results

Purging a page or post from the cache does not impact it's visibility in search results. The page remains listed within your website's sitemap, and the next time the page is viewed, by a person or a bot, the cache for that page will be refreshed automatically.

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