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Cookie banner

Easy Eatery includes a simple 'notice only' cookie banner out of the box.

This type of cookie banner discloses to visitors that the website deploys cookies but does not give the website visitor any direct control concerning the use of cookies.

In other words, your Easy Eatery website informs visitors that cookies are present on the website but does not ask the visitor to permit or accept cookies, nor are they given a tool or mechanism for disabling cookies.

Banner settings

As a site owner, you have access to the following settings for your cookie banner:

Field Description
Banner title

The main title for the cookie banner, By default uses "Cookie information"

Banner text

The main text content for the banner. By default uses "This site uses cookies and similar technologies to distinguish you from other users of our website. This helps us provide you the best experience when browsing and allows us to improve the quality of our site."

Banner 'dismiss' button label:

The label for the button to close the banner. This field is a drop-down select and has the options of:

  • Ok
  • Okay
  • I understand
  • Dismiss
Select your privacy policy page:

Choose your privacy policy page from a list of all pages on your website. Defaults to the standard Privacy Policy page.

Privacy policy link label:

The text for the button which links to your website's privacy policy. Defaults to "Privacy policy".

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