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Site-wide notice

The site-wide notice is a banner displayed prominently on every page of your website. It can display important news, announcements or anything else you want to bring to your visitor's attention.

Its location will vary based on the active theme on your website, but typically it appears as a notice strip at the very top of the page, just as on The New Tredegar Arms website:

Enabling your site-wide notice:

Go to the 'pages' section of your My Easy Eatery control panel, and near the bottom is a section called 'other content'. Within this, you'll find the Site-wide notice configuration page:

This page has three fields to edit:

Enable the notice?

This is a switch field with the options 'No' and 'Yes'. Setting this field to the 'Yes' position will make the site-wide notice visible on your website.

Notice text:

This is a required field. This is the main content for the site-wide notice. Add your announcement or message into this field as you want it to appear on the website.

Notice link:

This is an optional field. This field is output as a clickable link within the site-wide notice. This typically appears after the notice text.

This works the same way as any other link field within Easy Eatery's control panel.

You can link to another page, scroll to an on-page bookmark, or enter a custom URL. You can also set the text label for the link as you would any other link field.

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