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How to reset your account password

If you need to reset your account password for any reason, the process is simple.

1. Go to the forgotten password screen

You can begin the process of resetting your password by visiting the forgotten password page.

You can also access this page via the My Easy Eatery login screen. The link to reset your password on this page is indicated by the orange arrow above.

2. Request a password reset email

On the 'password assistance' screen that follows, enter the email address associated with your Easy Eatery user account and click the 'Send a password reset email' button.

3. Check your email!

You'll recieve an email from with the subject line 'Recover your Easy Eatery account'. This email will typically arrive instantly, but on some occasions may take a few moments to arrive.

The contents of this email will include a link to reset your password. You'll need to click that link and when you do, you'll see the following:

4. Enter your new password

This is where you enter your new password. For a password to be valid, it must be at least eight characters long. For additional security, we recommend that your password also contain the following:

  • At least one capital letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one non-alpha-numeric symbol, such as a question mark or exclamation mark.

The bar below the password field will fill up to indicate how strong the password you've entered is.

You can hover your mouse over the eye icon inside the password field to show your new password.

Once you're happy with your new password, click the 'Set password' button and you're done!

Easy Eatery will never ask for your login details

Resetting your password via the My Easy Eatery login is safe, but you must be on guard for fraudsters and keep your details secure. We'll never send you an email, text, or call to ask you for your login details for our website or control panel. If you receive a call, email or text message asking you for your security details, please hang up or delete it immediately.

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