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Two-factor authentication

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

As an extra layer of security for user accounts, we've implemented optional two-factor authentication — also known as 2FA.

2FA is a method of account security which requires additional proof that the person attempting to logging in is authorised to do so.

When someone logs in to a user account with 2FA enabled, they'll need to enter a six-digit authorisation code before accessing your website's control panel.

This authorisation code is generated automatically and sent via email to the email address associated with the user account.

Authorisation codes are only valid for 15 minutes after being sent and can only be used once.

How do I enable two-factor authentication?

To enable two-factor authentication on an account, go to 'Users' and edit the desired user account.

At the bottom of the page, when editing the account, on the left-hand side is the 'Two-factor authentication' box.

Simply set the 'Enable 2FA?' switch to the 'Yes' position to enable 2FA and save your changes.

This account will now be protected by two-factor authentication.

How do I log in when 2FA is enabled?

The login process when two-factor authentication is enabled is only slightly different from the standard login process.

Simply visit the My Easy Eatery control panel and attempt to login as you would normally, with your email address and password.

Upon using correct login details you'll be presented with the screen below:

You've got mail...

Once you see the prompt above, it's time to check your email.

You'll have recieved an email from with the subject line 'We're just checking it's you'.

Within this email will be a six-digit code that you need to enter into the form before clicking the teal 'Verify code' button.

Provided you enter the correct authorisation code, you'll now be logged in to your control panel.

Be mindful of fraudsters

If you recieve an email with this, or a similar subject line from what appears to be Easy Eatery without having attempted to login, we strongly advise that you do not click any links within the email, as this could be a phishing email sent by someone looking to steal your login. If you recieve such an email please forward it to

Easy Eatery will never email you asking you to confirm your log in details.

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