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User accounts

A user account grants access to the My Easy Eatery control panel for your website — this is where changes to the content and configuration of your website are made.

Each user account has its own specific set of permissions, ensuring that the account owner can perform tasks related to their role without having the ability to edit parts other of your site.

We recommend that you create a user account for each member of your team so that you can make sure that access rights are correctly assigned.

The master account

When you sign up for an Easy Eatery website, we use the email address and password you provide to create your master account.

The master account is a protected 'super-administrator' account which can create additional user accounts and may not be disabled or removed from your website.

The master account is indicated by a shield icon (per the below screenshot).

Additional accounts

You can create as many additional user accounts as you require for your team.

The only practical differences between a master account and an additional account are that:

  • Additional accounts cannot create more user accounts,
  • Additional accounts may be disabled or deleted by the master account.

Viewing your user accounts

To view a list of your current user accounts within your Easy Eatery control panel, head to the 'Users' section. Within this list will be six columns, which, from left to right, are:

Columns Description

This column has no label in the table heading but contains an icon — either a teal tick if enabled or a grey cross if disabled.


This column contains the user's full name. If the user account is a master account, this column will also include the teal shield icon, which indicates this account's special status.

Email address

The registered email address associated with the user account.

Last login

The time since the last successful login of this user account. Depending on the length of time since the user last logged in, this will either display as a date & time combination or if within the past 24 hours, will display as 'X hours ago.', or similar.

2FA status

This column indicates wether two-factor authentication is enabled on the account.

Edit button

This column has no label in the table heading, but contains a clickable link to make changes to the selected user account.

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