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The Twitter embed field

This field allows you embed video content from Twitter on your website.

As standard, this field is only available for use within the twitter embed block.

However, this type of field can also be added to custom blocks.

Below you find an example of this field within the twitter embed block:

The twitter embed field has two parts:

  1. The Twitter URL field, and
  2. The preview window.

The above example shows the field in its 'empty' state.

Use the twitter embed field by copying the URL of any single tweet or user profile on Twitter and pasting it into the Twitter URL field.

If the pasted URL is valid, Easy Eatery will clean up the URL to remove any extra content that's not required and will then load the content from Twitter into the preview window:

If the provided URL is not valid, the Twitter URL field will turn red and no preview will be shown.

Changing the URL within the Twitter URL field will cause the preview to be refreshed.

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